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Celebrity Cruise Reviews - Mediterranean Cruise Aboard the Millennium

Kusadasi Greece - Pictures and a review from our Celebrity Cruise.

Picture taken from a cafe in kusadasi Turkey while we ate lunch

Cafe in Kusadasi
View of courtyard below the cafe we ate lunch at in Kusadasi

Shopping for clothing for Kathy in Istanbul - she found some nice Kike shorts, well probably knock offs... for $3.00 a pair!

Clothes Shopping

Yes .. with lost luggage clothes shopping was in order and the bargains !!! Nike shorts for $ 3.00

Picture of the Crown Odyssey... our last cruise ship. This time we are on the Celebrity cruise lines

Deja Vu All Over Again

The Crown Odyssey was the ship we were on for our last cruise...about nine months prior to this.  We stopped here on that cruise as well...that time we went to see the ruins at Ephesus.  This time we opted to just wander around town and do some shopping.

a small castle in Kusadasi where camel caravans used to stop. Now a hotel

This was apparently a place where camel caravans stopped long ago according to our guide. It is now a Hotel.

Eating lunch in a Turkish restaurant

Another shot of Kathy at lunch.
I believe this is the restaurant where I ordered the "mixed meat grill".  Some of it I recognized, and some I didn't.

Lunch in Kusadasi  Turkey
Kathy at Lunch

Photo of Kathy at lunch in Kusadasi.  Hey is she having any fun?

Picture of the port at Kusadasi taken from aboard our cruise ship

A view of the city as taken from aboard our Celebrity cruise ship

Picture of the Celibrity Lines Millennium along side the Crown Odyssey
Celebrity Millennium cruise ship.
The Crown Odyssey and the Millennium...the Millennium is much  bigger. (Bigger does not mean better)

Turkish carpets and pillows on display in Kusadasi Turkey
Pillows at Hotel

Hotel Karavansery  with an impressive display of Turkish carpets on display in the courtyard.

pictures of produce vendors stalls in Ephuses Turkey
Produce Vendors

A fruit market we stumbled on while looking for replacement clothes for Kathy out in the boonies.

Street scene from Kusadasi Turkey

Typical street scene but not near the dock where the tourists from the cruise ships are all over everywhere...this is about a dozen blocks from the docks.

Weaving a turkish carpet
Carpet Weaving

A woman weaving a Turkish Carpet.  Looks like a lot of work to me.