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Cruise Ship Food Pictures from Celebrity Cruise Lines Millennium

Cruise food pictures are the focus of this page of our celebrity cruise review for the Millennium, including many pictures of the famous grand buffet where the ships chef's really get to show off their handy work!

Another Dinner
Food pictures Celebrity Lines Millennium cruise ship

someone's dinner

Blue Martini
Celebrity cruises - picture of blue martini

Kathy art directed this shot of my blue martini...she had the waiter replacing the ashtray for some reason....women...jeeze

Breakfast Buffet Line
Pictures of custom made omelet's being prepared for breakfast on our Celebrity cruise aboard the Millennium

Custom omelet's cooked to order - Yummy !!

Breakfast Rolls
Cruise ship food - picture of assorted breads and rolls at breakfast

A nice assortment of Rolls and Breads available at the breakfast buffet line each morning..

Creative Napkin Folding
photos of creative napkin folding at dinner on the cruise ship Millennium

Our waiter shows us some creative napkin folding - he did some magic too .. but no photos allowed .. we still want to know where the water went Z!!!!!!!!

picture of dessert being served in the main dinning room

Zulpubor our waiter recommending which desserts we should sample this evening - every night Z gave us the rundown on what was 1 2 3 and 4 on the desert tray :)

food pictures - cruise ship millennium - Celebrity

Someone's dinner

pictures of cruise food - Lobster, baked potato and Asparagus

Lobster - baked potato - and even a spear of asparagus!

Drew and Barbara At Dinner
Couple on a cruise ship enjoying drinks including a blue martini

Barbara is trying a blue martini - by the end of the trip we had all tried one !!!

Food Display in Shop
food picture - bakery in sorrento Italy

Food being displayed in the window of a small shop in Sorrento

Food in Window
bakery items in bakery window in Sorrento Italy

Food being displayed in the window of a shop in Sorrento

French Candy?
Picture of french candy in Nice
Candy booths in an outdoor market in Nice France we visited on our Millennium Cruise Vacation

French Candy?

French Candy?

It Ain't Always Easy!

These waiters were very good and strong too!

Kathy At Breakfast Buffet - 2
cruise ship breakfast buffet line on the Celebrity Millennium

Another shot of Kathy selecting her breakfast - I don't know HOW she lost 5 pounds on this trip??

Kathy's lunch in Athens
Picture of wonderful Greek Salad at our stop in Athens

This Greek Salad is what Kathy had for lunch in Athens

Lunch at the Meena
Picture of lunch in Cairo at the Meena Hotel.  A stone's throw from the Egyptian Pyramids

We had lunch in Cairo at the Meena Hotel.. Part of this hotel was the Royal Residence during the time the Suez Canal was built.

Lunch in Monaco
picture of kathy having lunch in Monaco

Kathy had a salad that she claims had the best Roquefort cheese on it she had ever eaten....don't ask her about it!

My Lunch in Athens
Picture of meat stuffed zucchini in lemon sauce... it was very tasty!

This is what I had for lunch in the restaurant in Athens. Two meat-stuffed zucchini in some kind of lemon sauce. Looked bad but tasted good.

Produce Vendors
picture of fruit stall in Kusadasi on our Millennium cruise

A fruit market we stumbled on in Kusadasi while looking for replacement clothes for Kathy

Strawberry Whip
passenger on celebrity cruise line having a Stawberry Whip!

Bill enjoying his favorite drink of the trip...a non-alcoholic Strawberry Whip!

The Grand Buffet 1
Pictures of the Grand Buffet aboard the Celebrity Millennium

The Chef's big night! 48 hours to prepare

The Grand Buffet 2
Celebrity Millennium's Grand Buffet pictures

The Grand Buffet 3
pictures of the Grand Buffet - cruise food picture

Have you ever seen such presentation?

The Grand Buffet 4
food pictures - Grand Buffet - Celebrity

It looks too good to eat.

The Grand Buffet 5

The Grand Buffet 6

The Grand Buffet 7

The Grand Buffet 8
picture of ice sculpture at the Grand Buffet

Beautiful Ice sculptures

The Grand Buffet 9

The Grand Buffet 9a

The Grand Buffet 9b

The Grand Buffet 9c
Beatifull swan ice sculpture on Celebrity's Millennium cruise ship at the Grand Buffet

A swan ice sculpture

The Grand Buffet 9d

The Grand Buffet 9e

The Grand Buffet 9f
pics of cruise ship food - grand buffet

Such a magnificent display of cruise ship food!

The Grand Buffet 9g
cruise ship food picture

The Grand Buffet 9h
Ice sculpture pics

Ice sculptures