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Caribbean Princess Cruise Ship - Our Cruise Ship Review on a Caribbean Cruise

The Caribbean Princess took us to the Caribbean on a fun filled vacation which we review with lots of photos

We like days at sea aboard a cruise ship because it give us a chance to just relax and do a lot of people watching.

As usual we picked  traditional dining and the late sitting. And as usual it seemed we made the
correct choice.  We always seem to meet very nice people at dinner and have a whole lot of fun.

This time was no exception.  Our table had 4 couples, Bob and Bobbi, Nancy and Ray, Blake
and Amanda, and of course, ourselves. :)

Blake and Amanda were newlyweds on their honeymoon, doing a back-to-back cruise of
which this was the first leg. It was fun to tease them with old married people advice...LOL

Bob and Bobbi were a fun retired couple that we invited to our beach bungalow on Princess Cays,
later on in the cruise, and they took us up on the offer and spent the day with our "group of 72". They
too were traveling back-to-back cruises and on their first leg.

Nancy and Ray were also great fun, but Ray knew what questions to ask me to get me to talk
pretty much non-stop.  One night I missed dinner by simply talking without stopping to take a bite,
as the courses came and went. Nancy is a professional Travel Consultant certified to provide travel
in the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, Europe and Australia.

We liked Nancy enough to plug her on our site, so....

Nancy Manely
(410) 879-7186

In the photos below you can see us having fun with ships officers, dancing in the Explorers Lounge, watching
pool side activities, eating, drinking...lots of drinking...and just having a great time.

Picture of one of the Caribbean Princesses bars that we enjoyed on the cruise. Cruise review - Caribbean Princess. These are pictures of the cruise critics having a party. Pictures from the cruise critic party. Kathy like to dress up as often as possible when she is cruising. Photos of one of the cruise critic
group get togethers.
Pictures from the cruise.  Ships officers were fun. Hamming it up with
the officers... Good old Stacy... LOL
Oh oh...Karen gets in on the fun.   Karen and Dave
doing a little dancing
General pictures of the cruise ship. Cruise Review pictures - Group activities around the pool pictures of cruise ship passengers having fun in an activity around the pool
General pictures of the cruise ship. One of the many
activities poolside
I think it was the
sexy legs contest
(men's legs) Cruise ship pictures.
Kathy in her hot
red dress heading off to the main dinning room for dinner
Bob and Bobbi in the Caribbean Princesses Dinning room.
Main dinning room - Caribbean Princess  cruise review photos
Blake and Amanda Kathy and Bill - fine dinning on the cruise Karen dancing
with Scott...
  Kathy Judy & Kelly
pictures of people having fun on a cruise ship
  More pool side
activities... the hot tube is really nice
    Bobbing for fruit
or something....
pictures of our cruise critic friends picture of kathy in the internet cafe on the Caribbean Princess On our balcony on the Princess
Kathy JR and Dave   Internet cafe On our balcony on the Princess Vegetable carving
No shortage of group fun at the pool on this cruise.
Karen & Christine Me being silly on our Caribbean cruise. No shortage of group fun at the pool on this cruise.   Nancy and Ray
Katlhy and Bobbi        
How to convert your
dress to strapless...
  Lowering the Tenders
for Princess Cays
    Ah...the traditional
Ice Carving...
Every cruise ship has one of these ice sculpture demonstrations, and the Princess is no exception Cruise ship ice sculputure carving contests.
      Every cruise ship has one of these ice sculpture demonstrations, and the Princess is no exception Carving an ice scupture.
  More of that pool
activity stuff.
    Hi Steve!
        The newly weds.