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Passenger cruise reviews of the Celebrity Cruise Line's Millennium

We especially liked ordering breakfast via room service and sitting out on our veranda sipping our morning coffee and having some of the wonderful freshly baked pastries.

Cruise Ship Facts, Speed, weight, length, occupancy etc.

Curious about cruise ship gas mileage? How fast a cruise ship travels? How long they are? Here are a few cruise ship facts about Celebrity's Millennium.

Occupancy: 1,950   
Tonnage: 91,000   
Length: 965 feet   
Beam: 105 feet   
Draught: 26 feet  
Cruising Speed: 24 knots
Electric Current: 110/220 AC   
Ships Registry: Liberia   
Entered Service: July 1, 2000

Our state room was very nice, we especially enjoyed the veranda.  Here is a layout and a photo.

   ship stateroom   stateroom photo Millennium

We had a  deluxe ocean-view Stateroom with veranda.  The veranda has floor to ceiling sliding glass doors with a nice sitting area.  We had a couple of chairs and a small table on our veranda. There were times when we just sat out on the veranda sipping our drinks-of-the-day and watching the Mediterranean go by or reading a good book.  Very nice.  We have decided that from now on we will only take cruises where we can have a stateroom with a veranda!

We especially liked ordering breakfast via room service and sitting out on our veranda sipping our morning coffee and having some of the wonderful freshly baked pastries. 

This cruise began for us with a two day stay in Istanbul. We had been in Istanbul for a couple of days at the end of our last vacation, and we fell in love with it.   We spent the time checking out things we didn't see on the last trip, and shopping for under ware, shoes, and other things Kathy needed after the airlines lost one of her suitcases.

The Millennium set sail for Kusadasi (Ephesus) Turkey in the early afternoon.

The next day we arrived in Kusadasi, known for it's very extensive ruins at Ephesus.  These are the most impressive ruins we have ever seen, be sure not to miss them when you are in Kusadasi. Cleopatra and Mark Anthony were tourists at Ephesus!  

We toured a "rug factory" which was actually a rug "store".  However, they gave a very interesting presentation on how Turkish rugs are woven and how to determine the quality of  a rug. We watched a young girl weaving a rug.

While in Kusadasi we spotted an internet cafe sign and went on in.  They seemed quite excited that we had come in, they uncovered their single computer, taped some cardboard to the window to reduce the glare on the screen, and brought us some cokes to drink.  After we finished surfing the net we asked how much we owed.  They said "nothing!" and wouldn't let us pay for anything.  Interesting.

The next day was a day at sea with no stops at any ports.  We consider days at sea as our lazy kick-back and relax part of our cruises.  So we "bagged some rays" (sun bathing) by the pool and checked out the drink of the day.

The next day we arrived in Limasol, Cyprus.  Originally we were supposed to go to Haifa Israel, but due to some middle east unrest, the destination was changed to Limasol.

There was an interesting castle that we toured, and then we went looking for an internet cafe.  We found one and did a little updating of our website while we were there. Internet cafe's can be found in most cities and it is truly amazing to see the differences. 

Our guide was Greek, and quite hostile toward the Turks who occupy half the island.