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Roatan - A fun destination on our Norwegian Sea cruise ship vacation

Pictures of Dolphins - Swimming with Dolphins!

Roatan was the most picturesque of all the places we went on this trip .. We elected to do a Dolphin Encounter there, and were we ever glad we did.  It was wonderful, but it also took us to a lovely resort that must be one of the best kept secrets in the world. 

 The resort is called Anthony Key .. and it is beautiful.  The drive there was lovely and then we went to the beautiful beach .. Tabyana  ... a truly fun day!

  Norwegian Sea Cruise - Roatan Honduras, Our Dolphin Experience

Dolphin photograph

This is Mika the Dolphin .. she was sooo sweet.

Norwegian Sea pictures of dolphins in Roatan, a destination on our Norwegian Sea cruise ship vacation and review

Here is Mika's home .. It was lovely. It at least appears that these dolphins are well cared for and happy. Who knows?

All of our tour boarding a boat out to meet Mika the dolphin

All of our tour boarding a boat out to meet Mika

picture of Roatan - destination port cruise

At the dock at Roatan .. Internet services !!!  Roatan appears to have somewhat limited development... which is probably good.

Norwegian Sea Photos 043.jpg (126613 bytes)

Dancers that met us getting off the ship. Everyone was very friendly. Lots of picture taking of course.

Picture of Dolphin kissing in Roatan our port destination on our cruise

It's not easy to hide behind a dolphin, but I am giving it my best shot!

picture dolphin Roatan Norwegian Sea NCL cruise lines

Now isn't that cute...the dolphin gives me a kiss. These really are quite amazing animals. 

DSC_1188.JPG (33207 bytes)

Jeeze...that dolphin will kiss anyone!  Well, it's time to say good bye to our new dolphin friend and head back to the cruise ship. More ports to visit!