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Pictures of Cyprus Greece, the Kolossi Castle, Limassol and Kourion Ruins


Limassol is a port on the island Cyprus Greece.

Cyprus is half Greek and half Turkish.  It seems it was all Greek until a number of years ago, when Turkey invaded and now occupies half of the island.

We were able to find an internet cafe here, and uploaded files for the web site.

Cyprus - photo of an outdoor restaurant

It was so hot we had to stop to get something to drink at this little out door cafe.

 Lunch in cyprus at an outdoor cafe.

We stopped at a little cafe for lunch.. Yummy Mousaka and Greek Salad.  Although we have still never found Mousaka that was as good as what we had in the cafe at the top of Santorini...or maybe the Santorini beer had something to do with it.

kolossi castle a picture of a castle in Cyprus
Kolossi Castle

This is a castle from the 13th century that was the Grand Command for both the Knights of St. John and the Knights Templar.

That's the whole castle too. Kind of like a milk carton.


Picture at the top of Kolossi castle  of the Knights of St. John and the knights Templar.

We had to climb 68 spiral narrow steps to get to the top .. but what a view.

view of the country side from atop the Kolossi castle in Cyprus

And this is the lovely view of the agricultural area surrounding Kolossi castle, from the top of the castle of course.

Street scene picture in Limassol Cyprus

The merchants in Limassol love to have cruise ships in the harbor !!

Ok it or isn't it Target .. we still don't know.. cute dolphin fountain though.

picture of Kourion ruins

This was the most impressive piece of the Kourion ruins. The view from here was spectacular looking out over the Mediterranean Sea .. um Bill neglected to take a picture of the view .. oops.