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Cruise Ship Pictures of the people we've met on the cruise.

People we've met  and places we've been on the Sapphire Princess Asian Cruise to the Orient.

This is a compilation of photos we took of the various people we met on the cruise, including dinner mates and ship employees that we had fun with. 

Some of the waiters and bartenders can be quite entertaining.  Also included are some guides and people we met while taking some of the tours.  This is the first page of people pictures, of two.


Daisy .. from Crooners Sapphire Princess Cruise Ship Fun pictures - Leslie
Daisy .. from Crooners .. making Bill a Hot Chocolate, his choice of beverage most often. We caught Leslie shopping!! Aha .. Leslie spies the photographer  See Leslie's new necklace?
Picture of Kathy all dressed up - Cruise ship pictures Picture of Catalan, one of our favorite bartenders from Crooners Photo of Catalan, one of our favorite bartenders from Crooners
Kathy all dressed up, just the way she likes it. Catalan, one of our favorite bartenders from Crooners. Umm .. well I needed to order a Martini to see Catalan shake it for me !!! (Kathy's words)
Nancy & Joe - photograph Picture taken in Crooners - Jenny and Tim, we met them at Crooners .. anyone starting to see a pattern yet ?
Nancy & Joe .. we met them at Crooners. Nancy told us the easiest way to remember their names was to use "Nancy Drew" and "Joe Cool". It worked. Jenny and Tim, we met them at Crooners .. anyone starting to see a pattern yet ? Leslie is all dressed up .. and Yep she is wearing her new necklace, purchased on board the princess.
pictures of fine dinning on the Sapphire Princess cruise ship dinning room pictures cruise ship
You want pepper .. Barry ? Pictures from the main dinning room on the Sapphire Princess Bill and Kathy in the corner. In the Dinning room. Dave and Carol ..
cruise ship pictures - passenger review sapphire princess
Jack and Betty Bill taking a picture of Dave taking a picture. We aren't sure what Butch is up to .. but Betty is really NOT sure
picture pouring wine - Cruise review pictures    
Ferdinand pouring wine .. we gave him lots of practice for that.    

We signed up via the Cruise Critic roll call for an interesting trip in Shanghai.  A big thank you to Gail (Mapu) for organizing this it was absolutely fabulous.  The details of the tour will be on the Shanghai Page ( when we get that posted tomorrow)  These are photos of the Cruise Critic crowd and a few others who had booked the same tour.

Peace Hotel Shanghai China Picture of Peace Hotel in Shanghai China picture rooftop restaurant shanghai china
We met in the Internet Cafe on the Sapphire princess.. took a shuttle to Shanghai where Dvir met us and the first stop was the Peace Hotel where we gathered for some information. On the roof of the Peace Hotel .. there are Evelyn, Erika and Steve in the foreground More information from Dvir in the rooftop restaurant.
Peace Hotel rooftop in Shanghai China - cruise review photos Pictures of Relocation Park ... in the Jewish Ghetto. Jewish Ghetto Shanghai China, cruise critic gathering
Bill & Kathy beside a bell on the Peace Hotel rooftop Next we went to the Relocation Park ... in the Jewish Ghetto. In the Jewish Ghetto .. Gail is second from right in the front!!
picture of Kathy in the Jewish Ghetto Tour guide in the Jewish Ghetto in Shanghai China Chinese grapefruit.
Kathy framed by apartments in the Ghetto. George is talking to Frances who was a great help along with Dvir on this trip.  More of us eating an interesting Chinese grapefruit.
Synagogue old town Chinese pharmacy pictures from Shanghai China
We went to the Synagogue As soon as we got off the bus in old town we were surrounded by street venders Here we are in a Chinese pharmacy
Picture of Zig Zag Bridge in Shangahi Photo of the cruise critic group in Shanghai Our tour guide Frances - Photo
Crossing the 9 Zig Zag Bridge Marty is taking a picture of Evelyn & Erika Frances could make a Starbucks last a long time !!
Picture shopping for pearls in Shanghai China Pearl shopping - photograph Picture of Kathy and Frances in Shanghai China
Serious business Evelyn & Erika shop for Pearls. And out secret weapon when shopping for pears was Dvir .. he made sure we got a good deal !! Frances .. it was her birthday but she said she was too old to tell how many !!!!!
picture of Dinner at the Crystal Jade in the French Commission pictures chinese food Shanghai China dinner in chinese restaurant Shanghai China
Dinner at the Crystal Jade in the French Commission .. George, Evelyn & Erika Food pictures - Frances ( who did our ordering ) Dvir & George. David and his wife .. he had organized the rest of those touring with us
Pictures of fireworks over the Pudong - Shanghai China picture chinese food Shanghai
Some of us went to the roof for Coffee  and the view of the Bund. It was enchanting. While waiting for the bus .. fireworks erupted over Pudong .. what a finish to a fantastic day.  
Chinese food pictures Images chinese food Shanghai China
Dinner companions Sapphire Princess Bill & Kathy at the Crooners bar
Our dinner companions at table #67 Bill & Kathy at the Crooners bar. David and Leslie, one of the couples at our dinner table.
Jack and Carol another couple at our dinner table. Jack & Betty .. he gets around David & Carol .. so does he
Barry and Leslie, a couple from England who are also at our dinner table each evening. Butch is our waiter. He was a very entertaining and friendly dude.