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Pictures of Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

he Great Sphinx, the Egyptian pyramids, pictures of Egypt and our review of our Celebrity cruise ship vacation to Egypt to see the Egyptian Pyramids

On our cruise aboard the Celebrity Millennium we docked at the port of Alexandria for a day. The port is the biggest port I've ever seen.  We took a long bus ride to the pyramids and tombs near Cairo. The buses went in police escorted convoys.  If you visit Egypt, be sure to take lots of water on your gets quite hot.

When you visit the pyramids, you have to be firm with the locals who swarm all over every bus load of tourists trying to sell them trinkets, camel rides, photos on camels etc.

These are some of our pictures of our bus trip, and of course, the pyramids and the great sphinx. Now I wish I had paid more attention to the guides.  I think what I have listed under each of the photographs is accurate, but I wouldn't stake my life on it. This trip just whetted my appetite to see the rest of Egypt. 

I also wish I had taken quite a few more pictures. What was I thinking?

Click on the image to enlarge!

Egyptian art on papyrus paper Bill in his funny cowboy hat with the pyramids in the background Pictures of Egyptian pyramids and the great sphinx - Khephren pyramid
This art is on papyrus (we went
to a papyrus factory tour) The tour was actually an effort to sell us stuff, and it was a successful effort. I think we bought about six of these things.
Bill in front of pyramids
I bought the cowboy hat
in Kusadasi. The Egyptian
men kept asking me "where's your horse?", and "where's your boots?.
Kathy and bill in front of
the Khephren pyramid. (I think.)
Notice the very top of the pyramid still has some of the original stone outer layer on it.  Most has been stolen over the years to build churches. 


Sakkara (or Saqqara) Colonnade.  At one time there were statues between each set of columns. Riding camels in Egypt at the pyrarmids Khafre pyramid picture
Sakkara (or Saqqara) Colonnade.  At one time there were statues between each set of columns. This is just off to the side of the Sphinx. Lots of dudes trying
to get us to ride their
camels...for a price.
Yep... that's me on the 
pyramid. I still can't believe
it! This is the Khafre pyramid. 
picture of date palms in Egypt typical street scene picture in rural Egypt  pictures of pigeon traps in the Egyptian countryside
Date palms loaded
with dates. There were
plenty of date palms.
A typical scene from
our bus window... Egypt 
was not the cleanest place
I have ever been. 


This is a pigeon trap.  
Apparently pigeon is
a delicacy and its free!
We saw quite a few of 
these on our bus trip from Alexandria to Cairo. 
picture - Great Pyramid Cheops. (Khufu) Picture of Khafre in center, cheops to the left picture sphinx egypt
Kathy on the Great pyramid
Cheops. (Khufu) It wasn't 
easy for her to get up there 
even with the steps someone carved to help.


Kathy with Khafre directly
behind her. Cheops (Khufu) is on the left.
The Great Sphinx.
picture port alexandria egypt statue Ramesses II Egypt temple near sphinx
The port of Alexandria
the biggest port I
ever saw, seems to 
go on for miles and miles.  
Statue of Ramses II. This
thing was buried for thousands
of years.  The right side was 
exposed to the weather and it shows. 
Part of the temple located near
the Sphinx.
picture of statue in egyptian tombs near the pyramids pictures of the temple Sakkara or Saqqara pictures inside temple Saqqarra.
Bigger than life.  I hate to
keep repeating myself, but
wow...this is amazing! 
Sakkara (also spelled Saqqara)
Entrance in outside wall. 
Inside the temple Saqqarra. This was amazing!  The red color and details were incredible for something thousands of years old. 
picture steps pyramid - Djoser - Zozer
Kathy in front of the Steps
pyramid of Djoser (also spelled Zozer).  The oldest
stone construction in the world we were told.