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Pusan, (Busan) South Korea, a Port Destination - Sapphire Princess Cruise Ship Vacation to the Orient.

These are the pictures we took for our cruise review during our stop in Pusan South Korea

Pusan, is the second largest city in South Korea, and the nations primary seaport. 

Modern high-rise towers dwarf ancient Buddhist temples, and the city's bustling business district offers a stark contrast to the serene grounds of Yongdusan Park.  Pusan is, in short, a microcosm of South Korea, a nation whose startling economic success often obscures one of Asia's most sophisticated and venerable cultures.  Pusan was the scene of bitter fighting during the opening months of the Korean War.  South Korea and United Nations troops were reduced to defending a pocket around the city, the last foothold on the peninsula following the North Korea invasion.  Today, the United Nations Memorial Cemetery marks the final resting place of troops from 16 nations who died during the conflict.

Today the Koreans spell Pusan Busan although they pronounce it the same, they felt the B was a more harmonious letter than the P.  This change is very recent.
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Seaport of Pusan Picture of Seaport of Busan South Korea
Sailing into Pusan South Korea Sailing into Busan South Korea Sailing into Pusan
Sailing into Busan Sailing into Busan Sailing into Pusan
Picture of seaport of Pusan South Korea picture of seaport of Busan South Korea
Sailing into Busan Sailing into Busan More sailing into Busan
A very large city/ It just keeps going More of our view.
Picture of the ship docking in Pusan S Korea Busan South Korea
Docking in Busan Lots of Buses await the passengers ready for tours Major container port
loading containers in the port of Pusan loading containers in the port of Busan S Korea
This port was very busy. It took about 15 minutes for a truck to get unloaded. Bill was fascinated by how fast they unloaded the containers from the trucks. Did I say fascinated??
scenery Pusan scenery Busan
Oh yeah he really was!! South Korea is very green, it reminded us of Oregon. LOL These trees were everywhere, but our guide did not know what they were called.
From the tour bus Very mountainous They don't have much land so every usable inch was in small farms ( Or High rise apartments as you will see)
pictures of the country side in Pusan South Korea
Toll plaza on the expressways Very modern roads, South Korea as such is only 30 years  old These High rises weren't in a high density area, but they will be soon!!
Lots of row crops & rice. More small farms Interesting building
Street scene in Tongdosa Street scene in Tongdosa Tongdosa Temple
Street scene in Tongdosa Street scene in Tongdosa At the entrance to Tongdosa Temple
( Tongdosa Temple)
rice picture of rice in Korea
Lots of greenhouses to grow vegetables and Persimmons Rice rice everywhere Small patch of rice .. ready to harvest.
picture of small farms along the highway
More small farms Typical small farm Rice again
photo of school picture of mountians
Notice how mountainous it is in the background A school surrounded by rice. Mountains
pictures from the tour bus Picture of a toll plaza in South Korea photos of the toll plaza  -  Korea
From the tour bus Another toll plaza More of the toll Plaza
Korean suburbs - photographs Photo o f Densely packed apartments in S. Korea
Getting back to the suburbs of Busan Suburbs Densely packed apartments
high rise apartments in S. Korea - Busan high rise apartments in S. Korea - Pusan Construction pictures of high rise apartments
New High Rise apartments They go on and on Construction of new high rise
Photograph of Harbor front Apartments Pictures of Harbor front Apartments
Notice how new it all is Harbor front Apartments These had a nice view
Picture of Ferris Wheel in Pusan or Busan S. Korea
Ferris wheels are big in the orient, we have seen quite a few We have also seen more than a few cranes at work. This was an instant souvenir shop that they set up in about 15 minutes when the ship docked.
pictures of busy port picture of downtown Pusan/Busan
The port is still busy The air wasn't too clear We took the ship shuttle downtown after our morning tour ( See Tongdosa Temple link )
Photograph of down town Pusan South Korea Hamburgers with rice buns
Downtown Pusan/Busan Down town Pusan/Busan Hamburgers with "Rice" buns !!!
Picture of an ally in Pusan pusan s. korea Busan South Korea
Ah ha we found an alleyway that was alive Turns out there were lots of alleyways And lots of little shops and stands ... actually more locals in this area than tourists
picture of Pusan S. Korea at the fish market dried squid at the fish market in Pusan S. Korea
This guy is working hard !!! Anyone need some dried squid ??? Perhaps a skewer of fish ??
fish market Pictue of Mcdonalds in Pusan/Busan S. Korea
Busy Place Colorful also What a surprise .. McDonalds Busan/Pusan
Korean style menu movie star hand prints Picture of Stairway to underground mall in Pusan/Busan S. Korea
Can't read the menu ?? Look in the window and point. Part of the Movie Stars hand prints ( that is Jeremy Irons top left) Busan hosts an International Film festival .. More on that below Stairway to underground malls and about the only way to cross the street
Picture of underground mall in Pusan S. Korea pictures of shoppers in the mall under the streets
Mall underground Busy with shoppers How much is that puppy in the window ??
fish market fish market pictures in S. Korea
Would you try to drive through this alley ?? The "Famous Fish Market" More of the fish market .. this place was amazing.
Photos of the fish market in Pusan Pictures of live eels at the fishmarket The film festival had an outdoor stage and kiosks right in the Fish Market .. boy was it busy !!!
Fish Market Look closely .. the tank by the woman's foot contains live eels !!!! The film festival had an outdoor stage and kiosks right in the Fish Market .. boy was it busy !!!
Pictures of fresh fish at the market in Busan S. Korea picture of giant squid
The fish was fresh as you see This giant squid was for the film festival The pot on the left contains beetles of some kind ... Um no thanks !!!
Pictures of shrimp at the fish market Pictures of cooking fish at the korean marketplace Pictures of fresh produce - Korea
Now this looked good .. shrimp But I wasn't too sure about the cooking practices Great looking produce .. very fresh
Pictures of women cooking More Eels and fish Cook your own type restaurant?
Lots of women were cooking. More Eels and fish Want to cook your own ... no problem
Pictures of a souniver stand Photo of a convenience store in Pusan S. Korea look at the traffic
Souvenir stands too A convenience store The shuttle line was so long, we asked at a hotel and had them write down ship ( pronounced two bits) and took a taxi back .. look at the traffic.
picture from taxi in Pusan Photo of the Entrance to the Port Photograph of the Sapphire Princess
From the taxi along the way Entrance to the Port. There she is ... huge
container port Picture of The Sapphire Prnicess cruise ship in Pusan S. Korea
Busan is the world's third largest container port. The Sapphire My feet hurt and that looks like a long walk.
Cruise ship construction A slice out of a cruise ship sun set picture in korea
From the ship .. a slice of a ship that will be fitted into a ship was on a barge there. A closer view of the slice Well .. they do say it is the land of the rising sun .. we are on our way to Shanghai.