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Cruise Food Pictures - Pictures of Cruise Ship Food - Cruise Review Sapphire Princess

Dinning room food, pictures of buffet food, and other cruise ship food pictures from our asian cruise to the Orient

I took numerous photos of the buffet, pictures of the snack meals Kathy and I enjoyed during our cruise vacation, and pictures of food that was served to our table at dinner in the evenings. I'm not the worlds greatest photographer, but I think you can get a good idea of what to expect in the way of food on a cruise from these photos.

Picture of Tiger Prawn dish on the Sapphire Princess cruise ship jello and other food Picture of dessert assortment
A wonderful Tiger Prawn dish that tasted as good as it looked on our Sapphire Princess cruise. Jell-O and stuff in the ships buffet. Picture of dessert assortment in the buffet line
photo of Mackerel - cruise ship food Cruise ship food - buffet Pictures of pasta aboard the cruise ship
Mackerel for breakfast? Various cold cuts always seem available. A couple of different types of  pasta were usually available.
Fried rice picture steamed rice and chicken dish at buffet - cruise food pictures potatoes and something else
Fried rice. Cruise ship food pictures. A chicken dish and steamed rice. Potatoes and something else.
chopped veggies Cruise ship food - buffet2 - meatballs photographs of condiments
A variety of chopped veggies. Meatballs - They really smelled good but I didn't get a chance to try them. Condiments of various types in the buffet line.
Potato and cheese quiche picture of cruise ship food buffet
Potato and cheese quiche. I had some - pretty good. Cauliflower, an old favorite of mine. Vegetables  sautéed with garlic. Lots of
garlic! Whew!
shrimp salad and vegetable salad Pictures of shrimp salad and rice curry salad.
Bread pudding. I love bread pudding, but I thought this was a little bland. Shrimp Salad and a vegetable salad. Food Photos. The one on the right is shrimp salad, the other is a rice curry salad..
picture carved melon Pizza pictures picture of pizza
There are usually fancy carved melons like this one. Pizza available all day at the pizza bar by the pool. More pizza at the pizza bar.
Fresh pineapple , bananas, and apples. Photograph of pinapple picture of food on a cruise ship melons
Fresh pineapple , bananas, and apples. More pineapple. Food pictures from the Sapphire Princess. And they always have plenty of
water melon.
Photographs of bread on cruise ship veal and potatoes Carved Turkey Breast
Always lots of rolls as well. Pictures of veal and potatoes Carved turkey breast.
Buffet food pictues from the Sapphire Princess Pictures of cruise ship desserts apple strudel.
We decided to have a snack at the buffet, and this is what Kathy chose. One of the deserts we had after dinner in the dinning room on the Princess. This was apple strudel.
Sushi Bar pictues cruise ship Hot dog bar wjlkll Cruise Ship Hot Dog
Today they set up a sushi bar at the indoor pool area. Forget sushi... we are going to have a hot dog at the hot dog/hamburger bar. And here is the hot dog. Cruise ships always seem to have great hot dogs.
Rock Cornish Game hen on a bed of wild rice. Artichoke Quiche. picture of Florentine sole fillet.
Rock Cornish Game hen on a bed of wild rice in the ships dinning room. Artichoke Quiche. Florentine sole fillet. Cruise food pictures.
English sausage with onions and beans. Pork Loin
English sausage with onions and beans. Pork Loin  
Rice pilaf with peas, ham, and red pepper. Breaded Flounder Fillet. Broccoli with Garlic.
Rice pilaf with peas, ham, and red pepper. Breaded Flounder Fillet. Broccoli with Garlic.
Roast Beef, Sardines, and Salami sandwiches. Focaccia bread Cherries Jubilee.
Roast Beef, Sardines, and Salami sandwiches. Focaccia bread Cherries was very good.
Various goodies after dinner Baked alaska picture food cruise ship Picture of crab cakes
Various goodies after dinner. Baked Alaska being served in the dinning room.  Brought in flaming by a parade of waiters to music. Crab cakes. Fine dinning on the Sapphire Princess.
Strange desert.